I love witchy stuff and since it's October, what a better time to paint more mushrooms and witch attire!

I want to get better at mixing colors , so I used only primary colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and white. And since it's also a very limited palette of more cold colors, I think it worked out quite well.


Schmincke Akademie Gouache

Hahnemühle Bamboo Paper

As I do with most of my images, I collected a lot of different references, for poses and the like, before starting to sketch. The one that really caught my eye, and basically determined the direction for the rest of the character, was a picture of a red and white striped tunic with a leather strapped puffy sleeve on top.

I wanted the character to be cheeky and like he was someone that likes to joke around with people a lot, so I tried to get that across in his expression.

From the scribble in my sketchbook, I did a more refined sketch in Photoshop.

I really like sketching in non-photo blue, be it traditional or digital. Something about the color feels really soothing to me.

I put the sketch on a multiply layer on top and below I used the lasso tool, to create the local color shapes. Using only local colors at first, without any regard to lighting, I can focus on the shapes and overall color contrast. Then I started shading the shapes, also under neutral lighting.

After putting in more detail, I started using some cool overlay and multiply layers to create shadows and added some final details!


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Tina Klinger and I'm a freelance illustrator focused on fantasy illustration and storytelling.

I have always loved fictional worlds and strive to capture a sense of childhood wonder with my art. 

In my digital illustrations, I love to work in a vibrant color palette and create a strong sense of lighting.

For job inquiries and collaborations, contact me at klingertina(@)gmail.com