This new fantasy illustration is about the quiet moments in a story, when the path forward is unclear and it’s hard to conjure up hope. When there are no mystical guides whispering in the hero’s ear and all they seem to have left are questions and uncertainties.

I feel like switching up my painting process by using the technique from the Tonko House Schoolism course has really given me a push in the right direction. You basically paint everyhting first in diffused neurtral light and add lighting later. With this technique I can go back to fix structural and design stuff even when I'm working on lighting, which makes painting backgrounds seem way less daunting.


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Tina Klinger and I'm a freelance illustrator focused on fantasy illustration and storytelling.

I have always loved fictional worlds and strive to capture a sense of childhood wonder with my art. 

In my digital illustrations, I love to work in a vibrant color palette and create a strong sense of lighting.

For job inquiries and collaborations, contact me at klingertina(@)

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